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Introduction on the sale of Cavallino Rampante Backlight kit for Ferrari F355/355F1


The backlight kit introduced in the product section of the blog is now on sale.

Actually, it was already completed, but is there any trouble such as heat or rain? I checked the actual running and confirmed that there is no trouble, so I will release the sale.

We have already received an inquiry from the 355 owner in California. Immediately, We started to make products.

Since the models have already been made for both the front and rear, I will program the laser processing machine. Then, after cutting the acrylic plate into a cavallino Rampante shape, it is finished by making a hole.

The acrylic plate is currently manufactured for approximately 5 days, and then the LED is manually embedded. It will be completed in 7 days after receiving the order.

After that, since it will be shipped, if you are overseas, it will be delivered in about 1 week by DHL.

This time, we received an order from a customer from California, so we plan to deliver it in 2 weeks.

The price is 15,000 JPY for each front and rear.

In the case of front and rear set, it will be 25,000 JPY.

If you visit this page, you can also order directly by email.

We will set up a store at a later date. You can pay by card or Paypal.

This time, we will release it for F355, but we will release it from Ferrari 458, 488, California, GTC4 Russo, F12 rear for any time. I hope you can use it.

Furthermore, in the future, the color of the LED will be based on white, and we will be able to select red, blue, orange, yellow, yellow-green, and green.

We are waiting for your order.

Thanks in advance.

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